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Meeting information is sent to guild members via the newsletter, usually email, but USPS delivery is still available upon request.  Contact us at for more information.
Tuesday meetings are usually held at Old Prairie Town/Ward-Mead Park in Topeka. Saturday locations often in a member’s home, and varies.

Upcoming meetings, events:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dying scarves with things from nature (Barbara Beyer)

We will be dying silk scarves using natural things like berries, flowers, leaves, etc.  To prepare for that meeting she is taking orders for the silk scarves.  The guild will purchase one scarf for everyone.  However, based on how beautiful the results are, I would guess that many of you attending will want to do more than one!  So, if you want additional scarves, please let Barbara know before the end of this month.  Cost will be based on number ordered, but will be less than $5.00.

Also, in preparation for dyeing, start collecting interesting dyeing materials.  I have some daffodils and tulips that dried that I put aside.  Look for other items that might make for interesting patterns and colors!  Hopefully by May, we might have some leaves on the trees to use too!

Also If you are going to attend the meeting and dye a scarf, you must notify her by Tuesday, May 8.  She will prepare instruction sheets and have the necessary supplies ONLY for those she knows will be there.  On Wed., the 9th, an e-mail will be sent to those who have responded as to the few things to bring.

We will have a pot-luck salad lunch, and business meeting, while the scarves steam, which takes about an hour.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Waulking is a finishing process used only with woven woolen fabric. It is usually done to the rhythm of traditional music. The fabric will be woven and waiting for you. The process requires a number of people so it will be a good day to bring a friend who might be interested. Please RSVP to Lois so she knows how many to plan for. This is the Saturday May meeting for the guild. Visitors are welcome.

Waulking was similar to a quilting bee in that folks got together to do large amounts of fiber at one time while they enjoyed the company.

June 2018: Annual Picnic


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